Thursday, August 29, 2013


Best day EVER!!!

Elder Merkley, Elder Buttars, Elder Chapple, Hermana Adair, Hermana Woolley and I all got our visas today!!! (That's our whole district, except for Elder Reynolds. He's being a stud and hanging in there, although we all know it's got to be super hard.)
I had hoped, so badly, that we'd miraculously get our visas at the end of our time here in Provo, so that we'd all finish these 6 weeks together and get to fly (as far as New York) together. I'll be with Hermana Adair all the way to Madrid!!
We had been hosting all day (so fun!), and as I was walking back to our classroom, I heard Hermana Adair yelling, haha. I walked in and saw Elder Merkley jumping up and down, and then saw the paper saying I'd gotten my visa!! 'Lots of hugging the Hermanas/ yelling, "I wish I could hug you!" with the Elders, and maybe a couple tears. I feel so blessed to be able to head right to Spain. I still can't believe it!
I have just a little bit of time to let you all know what's happening, so I attached photos of the travel plans. I'll be able to call home (say whaaat??) from the New York airport (I bought a calling card here at the bookstore and Hermana Woolley filled me in on how to use it), sometime in between that 2:58pm- 7:30pm window on Monday. I'll try to call around 5:30pm so Dad's home and everything (I get to check email on Saturday as always, so let me know in a DearElder sometime before then if there's a specific time when I definitely need to call). I'm not really sure how things will be going while we're in the airport, but I'm thinking that'll work, yeah? Also, it'd be fun if we could work out a conference call with Mike, so maybe I'll call Mom or Dad's cell? -Let me know.
Anyway, I feel super blessed right now. I'm so happy!  I'll get to talk more about the week on Saturday, and I'll talk to you all on Monday!!!
I love you all so much! 
Hermana Grover
PS- As we walked to the travel office to pick up travel plans, I picked up a package full of GLORIOUS pumpkin chocolate-chip bread. Thank you, Mom!!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Email 5 - Provo MTC, Lots of Photos!

Hello, family!

How has everyone's week been?? I'm curious to hear about school starting and braces and geography-lunches and all of those other wonderful things. "Viera Idol" sounds fun, haha. I'm glad they had a James Taylor song for you, Dad :) That's awesome about the tickets to see him with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir! I'm still interested to hear how their styles match up, haha. Chill, laid-back JT with the power of the Mo-tab. Fill me in on that one :) Also, when does Brad get to do the Future Marching Hawk night?? You're getting old, lil' bro ;)
We've been super spoiled with those treats from Mom this week! The doughnuts and cupcakes were thoroughly enjoyed, haha. My district loves you! The Dear Elders are very much appreciated as always, and I'd love to see some of those journal entries, Dad! Nothing inspires us more than the mission stories we hear from our MTC teachers- especially Hermano Ball's. He served in Mexico and has some amazing stories of having trust that the things he promises companions and investigators will be fulfilled, and they always were! I hope I can have as much determination and faith on my mission.
This week definitely had a theme of learning about faith. It seemed like I learned something new in every personal study, district discussion, lesson with an investigator, etc. It was so awesome! To give a few examples...
-We watched a video of Elder Bednar talking about spiritual promptings. He said that there's a flawed part of our culture ("not our doctrine," he clarified) where we feel like we need to wait for a spiritual prompting, and we need to be sure that it is in fact a spiritual prompting, before we do something. He said that most of the time we won't even know that a prompting is a prompting, and we need not get caught up in wondering. Be a good boy, or a good girl, keep your covenants and the commandments, and do your very best, and you will be doing what needs to be done. It's so much simpler than what we make it!
-Our choir director mentioned that a missionary told him that she didn't feel good enough for the work she has to do. He told her, "Well, you're not good enough. So thank goodness it's His work, and not ours. We aren't good enough to do this work, but we are good enough to be His helpers." He told us that we needed to go forth in faith with this in mind. This director is super awesome, by the way. I think his name's Brother Edgett. He conducted in General Conference once, and he reminds me of Brian Regan when he cracks jokes :)
-We read the talk "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" by Elder Gene R Cook from October 1982. One of my favorite parts is when he says to "Commit yourself in advance to what you righteously desire. The righteous exercising of faith will bring it about." I highly recommend taking a look at this talk.
-In my personal study, I read Ether 12:27, and realized that although it's clear that God wants us to act in confidence, He's given us weaknesses for us to depend on Him and for us to always remember our true source of confidence. It we don't remember that, we still might end up teaching boldly, but the Spirit will not be present, therefore (D&C 50:18), "it is not of God." Nephi showed this in 1 Nephi 3:7, where he DOESN'T say, "I will go and do the things which the Lord commanded because I'm a young, strong man with experience and I know what I'm doing," but instead, his confidence is in the Lord - "for I know that the Lord giveth no commandments unto the children of men save HE shall prepare a way for them that they may accomplish the thing which He commandeth them." 
Good stuff, huh? I wish I had time to share more, but hopefully that gives you an insight into what I've been learning this week.
Our district got to help with the new missionaries this Wednesday. It was so fun! I didn't run into Kayla Hawes, but I'm pretty sure she'd be in the West Campus.
Anyhoo, that day started out stupendously because our investigator, Diana, agreed to baptism! We were teaching her about Joseph Smith, and Hermana Woolley recited Joseph Smith's account of the First Vision perfectly, and then I asked her, "Seguirá el ejemplo de Jesucristo al ser bautiza-" and she said, "Si!" before I could even finish the question. We've taught her about faith and our main goal of reaching the Celestial Kingdom with our families throughout this week, and she's loved every minute of our lessons. It's been so fun :)
We were able to take the overwhelming feelings of the spirit with us into all of our training meetings for the things we'd be helping with all through that day. We got to host the new missionaries as they came in! Cars would pull up, and if it had a pink sticky-note, I'd run up, grab their luggage, assure the mother, make sure they had their immunization record and didn't accidentally still have a cell phone on them, and then show the missionary the ropes of the MTC. I met some way awesome, way prepared people. 
Hermana Adair, Hermana Woolley and I were also picked to give an example of teaching a new investigator in front of 50+ brand-new missionaries. Haha, that was a cool experience, but it was a little tough because we had to do it in English! It was especially tough with this one guy who had a really thick Italian accent, so our minds kept switching into Spanish-mode. 
Right after doing that, we met yet another new district in our zone and gave them the orientation of the MTC. It was a super long day, but the spirit was strong and we were SO excited to get to help the new missionaries. 
Last Sunday was neat, too. For Sacrament meeting each week, all of us have to prepare a 5-minute talk in Spanish, and then whichever Branch Presidency member is conducting the meeting that morning will randomly call on two missionaries to give their talks. I got to give mine last week :) It was funny talking to the Branch Presidency afterwards, because they were all like, "I don't know what you said, but I felt the Spirit and you looked confident!" haha. 
Oh, and we were told by Sister Nancy Maynes during a devotional this week to "Be the kind of missionary your mother thinks you are." Haha, I loved that, and I'll certainly keep trying my hardest!
As for my visa, our district was notified yesterday that our visas have not come in time, so we get our temporary reassignments next week!!! So crazy! I'm way stoked, though. It's kind of a bummer to not be heading straight to Spain, especially if my reassignment is an English mission and I lose my Spanish. But I'm still getting way pumped for heading out to the field! (those feelings are especially strong during meal times, haha. I'm pretty ready to stop having cafeteria food...)
Anyway, I love you all so much, and I hope you've all had a wonderful week!!
Until next time :)
Hermana Grover
PS- I have a gajillion photos, haha. We'll see how many I have time to send...
PPS- We were smart and did our emails before going to the temple today, but I doubt I'll have time to send any letters after the temple. I'll hopefully have more time to write next week!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Email 4 - Provo MTC, Chrissy Runs into Michael in the Temple!

Hi family!

Ok, this has to be kind of quick- major test of my typing skills ;)
The temple was open for our Pday today! It was absolutely fantastic. Our session, however, ran late, so I don't have much time.
I know for a fact that Heavenly Father knows exactly what we need at any given moment in our lives, and exactly how to give it. I didn't know that I needed this, but now I can see that I undoubtedly did. I saw Michael at the temple!!! I ran into Kendra and Hannah in the dressing room, and they told me that Mike was there. I waited outside of the men's dressing room, and sure enough, there was Mike! (All of my district's Elders came out right as I saw him, so I know I'm going to get asked about who I was hugging, haha) I realized, after giving him a hug and then rushing off to head back to the MTC, that I truly needed that. I love my brother so much. 
In my rush back (in the rain, haha), I forgot to grab my camera from my room! If it helps, I didn't take as many photos this week as I usually do. I'll send them to you next week!!

Here's another important thing: I do not have my visa yet, haha, don't worry, I won't head off to Spain without you hearing about it first. If I did get my visa, I would receive travel plans immediately, and be given the rest of the day to pack up, email you guys, and be ready to leave by (probably) the next morning. It looks like that only happens on Tuesdays and Fridays, so you would know then. However, at this point, I think it'd be pretty hard to start over at a new MTC, so I'm guessing that they wouldn't send me over there for my last two weeks, and even if they're going to, I'd probably ask to stay to finish here.  Oh, and isn't that crazy?! Only two weeks left! Time has FLOWN by. 

We've had some incredible devotionals this week. This past Sunday, our Relief Society speaker was Sister Wixom! The General Primary President :) Her talk was amazing, but the thing that stuck out to me most was when she started talking to us about how kids will look up to us as missionaries. She pleaded with us to always acknowledge them and teach them, and then she said, "love them, for me." I thought about how she is the General Primary President. She thinks about the children of the world 24/7, and prays for them always. I thought about how it's similar with the Savior, who loves His children deeply, and He sends His missionaries out, to "love them, for me." :)

Another awesome talk was given by Richard G. Scott during our Tuesday devotional! It was the first MTC devotional to be broadcasted to all of the MTCs, and my district and I sang "Jesus, Once of Humble Birth" in the choir. The Spirit was SO strong throughout his talk about prayer, and as he gave an apostolic blessing to all of us learning a language, that we would be blessed with the ability to do so. We felt the Spirit the strongest, though, right as the meeting ended. Elder Scott didn't want to leave! We all sat there quietly, until he reluctantly stood to leave. He kept stopping as he walked, turning to wave to us, and we'd all anxiously wave back. Once, as he stopped, he cupped his hands to his mouth and yelled "Be good!" haha. Right as he was about to walk out the door, he turned back one more time, and yelled "I love you!" to which all of us, being the teenagers that we are, yelled back "We love you!!" As an apostle, he's one of the Lord's chosen messengers, and we could feel the love of the Savior through him that night. I'm glad my compañeras are cryers like me ;)

Oh, and you asked for advice for kiddos starting school, and here's what I've got: Keep a constant prayer in your head. Then, when you see someone doing something they shouldn't, or someone says something mean, you can just look up and, well, I always kind of laughed to myself, knowing that my Heavenly Father had my back. It helped me stay positive, always smile, and always have the Spirit- even in a place like high school (or middle school, or homeschool, of course). Also, with a constant prayer, you won't be able to forget things like reading your scriptures every night or saying your prayers. It's definitely the only way I got through it all, and enjoyed most of it along the way.

Alrighty, what else...

I ran into Sister Nesmith last night! I saw her right as she was walking into her dorm (turns out we're about 6 rooms away from each other), and I got to give her a hug and meet her five, very sweet, roommates. I also ran into Jake Moore this week, at dinner. It was fun catching up with an old "brother" from pioneer trek.

We also have a new district in our zone, so Hermana Adair and I finally had something to do as Sister Training Leaders! The three new Sisters are super adorable, and their district is already doing some amazing things. We got to give them an orientation on Wednesday, talk to them for a while about concerns and questions and homesickness, and take them on a tour of the MTC. It was stellar.

We got two new investigators this week as well! Carlos and Sebastian. Those lessons that we had with them were stupendous.

So I don't have much more time, but I wanted to tell you guys one more thing. I really didn't think I'd be thinking about my family very much on my mission. I kind of thought that would be something I'd be trying not to do, but it's totally the opposite! I tell our investigators about you guys every day, and our district loves nothing more than to tell each other stories about our families. I feel so much strength and support from thinking about you guys, and I'm super duper grateful for the examples you've set for me and the love I can feel from you all. 

Ok, I'm going to go ahead and send this to make sure you all get something- I wasn't able to print your emails today because we went to print them right after we woke up this morning- haha, I didn't think about how silly that was because it'd be about 4:30 in the morning FL time! So I'm going to read those now and hopefully reply. :) 

I also just got a package slip- don't know who it's from, and I haven't had time to grab it from the post office, haha, but I'm excited!

I love you all so much, I'm learning so much, and I love being a missionary!

Love you all tons!
-Hermana Grover
(Email Addendum)
Do you mind sending me your emails in a Dear Elder so I can keep them and read them more indepth? I'm so happy to hear about all the things that are going so well! I mentioned the donoughts to my comps sitting here with me, and we're all stoked. I'm gonna go get those RIGHT. NOW, haha. Thanks for the updates on Brad and Kate- I love those kids too, haha :)

Also, if you don't mind mentioning on my blog that I received several letters this week, and really didn't have much time for writing today, because the temple's open, so please post on there that responses will be a little late, but I'm SO grateful for the letters and the love! (Liz, Becca, Jonathan, Elise)

Of course I miss you all, but I'm being very blessed, and I love being a missionary!

Love you, love you, love you,
Hermana Grover

Monday, August 12, 2013

Email 3 - Provo MTC

 "Look, 'DearElder' Works! :)"

 "A Doodle Break"

"Our Little Alien-Faced Chair"

"When I got that stupendous package (that room always gets pretty messy by P-day eve, haha)"

"Yyes, we get very tired here..."

"The night that two more elders left"

"Cute lil sticker from mom :)"

Hey Family! It's P-day again! Woohoo!
I got the super-duper awesome package you sent to me on Friday. Thanks so much!! My district and I were way impressed by Mom's and Kate's artwork. That'll definitely be going up in all of my apartments. Also- the district was relieved to have a copy of Elder Bednar's "The Character of Christ" talk, now we all don't have to try to memorize it before we leave the MTC, haha. Oh, and I ate four butterscotch Krimpets as soon as I got to the dorm. It was stupendous. :)
This past Monday, two more Elders from my district were called over the intercom to the travel office, and they were off to Spain on Tuesday! Our District leader, Elder Wilson, and one of our Zone Leaders (had just gotten called that day, haha), Elder Farley, are gone, and our district is down to three companionships. Hermana Adair and I were called on Sunday to be the Sister Training Leaders! (Girl equivalent to Zone Leaders) Probably would mean more if our new district that came in this week hadn't just been 8 Elders, haha, but we'll be there to help if any new Hermanas come in. :) It's been fun being more involved with the Branch Presidency (have I told you that one of the counselors is President Monson's nephew? He talks just like him and has the whole quad memorized. It's crazy), but getting that call last week also meant that we had 10 whole meetings before we could eat on Fast Sunday. That was a long day... But one of the devotionals that day was AWESOME. Jenny Phillips (primary song writer) and Jenny Oaks Baker (daughter of Elder Oaks) played some amazing piano/ violin duets for us. I'm pretty sure that Sister Baker's family was in a Mormon Message once. Her kids all played guitar/ piano/ cello/ violin for us too. That was a way spiritual meeting.
So lately, I've been getting super pumped to get to Spain. We're only at our halfway point for the MTC, but the Spirit's been super strong in our classes and lessons with our investigators, and even though I'm not quite ready yet, I'm getting way excited. We finally found a teacher that works here that served in Spain! She spoke with the "theta" (lisp) and it sounded awesome. She told us that the food is healthy and fantastic, the people are really bold when you talk to them, and she only baptized 2 native Spaniards- the rest were all immigrants. After she left, we had a lesson with Hermano Ball (our teacher with the alter-ego that plays "Juan" as our progressing investigator), and he told us the story of the real Juan that he taught on his mission. He told us about the miracles that had to happen for him to continue connecting with this family throughout his mission, and how Juan was married in the temple 3 months ago. Our whole district couldn't stop smiling. He told us more stories, and showed a ton of pictures, and the Spirit practically had us out of our seats it was so strong. Immediately after that, our trio had a lesson with "Juan" (I hope that's not confusing, haha) about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost because - Oh yeah! I haven't told you yet, he agreed to be baptized!! I know he's not a real investigator, but I have been amazed by how far we've come in our abilities to teach lessons and have the room fill with the Spirit.
So real quick, in that lesson when he agreed to be baptized, we were teaching him about faith, and we were telling him about the power of the Atonement. It went well, and we were all able to say what we had wanted to (we haven't used notes in our lessons since our second one. It's crazy, but the lessons actually go so much better when we don't have notes to reference. Definitely a blessing!) and then we closed by having "Juan" say the prayer. But I couldn't shake the feeling that we needed to say something else. So as my companions got up to leave, I asked "Juan" if he had a couple minutes more. He said he did, and I asked him to please pray again, and this time ask, specifically, if what we had just taught him was true. My comps sat back down, and he prayed and asked if Joseph Smith was a prophet, if the Book of Mormon was true, and if the church was true. After the prayer, he looked up and he was beaming. I asked him what he was feeling, and he said that he had never felt that happy after a prayer. I asked him if he would be baptized, and he said yes! It was such a cool experience, and definitely a testimony builder that we need to follow the spirit (and know how to speak Spanish, haha. Every lesson reminds us of that...). These teachers choose investigators that they taught on their missions to act like, and I know it's inspired through the whole process.
Ok, anyway, that lesson yesterday when we taught him about the Holy Ghost was awesome, because we'd just walked out of that spiritually overwhelming talk with Hermano Ball. And I know there's just no substitute for teaching experience. No matter how much time we spend with the language programs on the computer, or working with our teachers, or in devotionals, the real learning for us happens as we teach. We got to teach in the TRC on Monday (where I volunteered as a BYU student- except this time it's all in Spanish), and you'll never guess what happened as I introduced myself to the first guy we taught. I was telling him about what I liked to do, and mentioned that my family likes to travel to different paises (countries), when I had meant to say different places. When he asked what countries we'd been to, I realized my mistake, but told him we'd been to England, France, and Thailand. 'Turns out, his parents are President and Sister Senior!! I told him I'd met them, and then realized that we'd met him too! He was there in Chiang Mai when Mike was translating for President Senior in sacrament meeting. I told him we had photos from that day, and he gave me his email so I could send them to him. Would you mind emailing those to me? I forgot to bring his email with me, so I'll just forward what you send to me next week :)
Anyway, that lesson went well, but it was a little strange because the two lessons we taught that night were to people that were members, and we were supposed to teach them like they were members, and we didn't know that until we were walking downstairs to the TRC, haha, so we didn't have anything planned. Anyway, it worked out, and I'm amazed at how far along my comps have come in their Spanish.
Our teachers won't stop leaving! Hermana Doxey's gone, Hermana Nishiguchi's going to be gone for a few days, and Hermano Ball just left for a week, and we may not see him again if we get our visas! So by the end of this week, we will have had 5 different teachers, when we should have had just 2 the whole time, haha.
Oh, and we have another new investigator! Diana (Hermana Nishiguchi), and she speaks super muffled and with a weird accent, so I have to ask her to repeat absolutely everything. She's also way quiet, which is difficult. Anyway, we're learning a ton about teaching.
Sorry this is kind of hard to follow, but I want to mention a couple other things:
-DearElder works!! You all seem to be doubtful of that in your letters, haha. But I promise it works, and I've gotten them all :D They're wonderful. I've been loving those daily letters from Dad. Thanks so much for all of the updates! I'll send a letter with more answers to questions later today.
-I'm so impressed by the missionary work happening in the Viera ward. Tell Cameron and Adam that they'll love it here, regardless of when they serve :)
-Tell Ben Clark thanks for his DearElder letter for me :)
-I found another sweet note in my stuff today - I put your little sticker on the back of my nametag! 
-'Just ran into Hannah, Mike's friend, at the bookstore, that was cool. 'Still running into people from the stake and BYU constantly! 'Gonna try to catch Kayla Cook here sometime, she's never in her classroom when I swing by, haha.
Bradley - Some Elders in our zone were trying to juggle with some tennis balls the other day. 'Totally got to show off some skills, haha. :) Good luck with school this week! I'm stoked about your two band classes. Keep me posted on those, yeah?
Katie - Wow, sounds like you're definitely keeping busy! I'm way impressed by your progress with the states and everything. That would've been way helpful to know as I went through school. Keep it up!!
I'm learning so much and I still love it here :) The work can be hard, and the saying "The days are like weeks and the weeks are like days" is SO TRUE, but I wouldn't rather be anywhere else than here.
Love you all!! So good to hear from all of you :)
Hermana Grover

Monday, August 5, 2013

Email 2 - Provo MTC

"Temple walk on Sunday!"

"Remember how you told me to take time to smell the roses in life on my mission? Mission accomplished ;)"

"I'm really loving this camera, btw."


"Quotes from our ten minute 'District bonding time' that we have every night, haha. Elder Wilson (DL) likes to write them and have us vote on the best one every night."

"The map and some familiar faces :)"

"Practicing our lesson for Juan :) 
(Juan is actually Hermano Ball, btw. He's our teacher now, replacing Hermana Doxey)"

"When our district is having difficulty studying, the Hermanas flee to a separate classroom, haha."

"Hermana Doxey's last night!"

"Last one, love you all!" 

Como le va, familia?? (I wish there was a Spanish keyboard on this computer...)
I can't tell you how much fun it is to read your emails and your letters. I LOVE this!! I'm so glad to hear that the trek fireside went so well (that letter from the Samuels was awesome. Thanks Dad!) and that baptism sounds super neat.
Some quick items of business... :)
-Mom, I have my Spanish hymnal, I thought the English one would  be helpful in these big meetings, but they have big screens with the words projected in almost all of them. So no worries :)
-I got the vacuum bags! Thanks so much. Those will be very helpful.
-Ok, a huge apology to any missionaries that I never wrote to. Haha, letters are the best!!, I've decided, is the greatest invention ever. Our District Leader brings in the mail twice daily, and we get those DearElders the day they're sent to us (I got yours, Mike. Thank you!! I'll send off a letter today).
-Thanks to Aunt Wendy for the letter and the emails from Jace! Those were fantastic! Also, thanks to Jonathan for the letter, and to Sister Webber for the Cocoa Bean Cupcakes!! My district loved them. That was an awesome surprise.
-Mike, thanks for the advice about only writing on preparation days (Saturday, as you've all discovered). It can be tricky trying to focus during class (and especially during unstructured study time - at least 3-4 hours daily), and I know it would be that much harder if I was trying to justify writing letters during that time, haha. I'll get to writing back to everyone I've heard from today!
I'm in a trio now! We miss Hermana Hubbard a lot, but we've been doing great. We all teach well together, and although Hermana Adair and I were nervous about decision-making and teaching being a problem, it totally hasn't been. Life is good for H. Adair, Grover and Woolley!
I don't think I told you yet about my teacher here, Hermana Doxey. She's way cool. In my interview with her, we both realized that we had had very similar experiences with conversion and coming to know that we needed to serve a mission. She's been great with keeping our district comfortable with learning together and united. Unfortunately, she moves to Mexico next week! She's going to teach at the Mexico MTC, and I know she's going to do amazing there, but we'll definitely miss her! She and Hermana Nichigushi (another teacher - she's great too. Way good at making sure we don't get away with faking the answers to her questions, haha) are in a couple of the pictures I'll attach.
We've had some super motivating experiences this week. I struggled with a couple of our lessons with our "investigator," Juan, and I got kinda frustrated because we weren't making any progress! Thankfully, we've been able to learn from those experiences right away, and they haven't kept us in a funk or anything.
Towards the end of our day of class Thursday (I think), Hermano Salsbury (another teacher) stopped in to talk to us about our teaching. He started reminding us all how we need to ask more questions, commit our investigators to things more specific to them, etc. It's been tough hearing things like that, because we're all starting to feel like we pretty much understand how to teach, we just don't have the vocabulary to do it! After telling Hermano Salsbury this, he was definitely inspired, and went into a major pep-talk. He had us look at Matthew 17:20. He told us that this meant that we needed to have the faith in our potential, even as a mustard seed has faith to be a tree. He said that, of course, it would be overwhelming to a small seed if someone told it that it needed to be a huge tree, giving off other seeds. He told us that a redwood tree takes in 500 gallons of water each day, and to imagine if we tried to give a seed that much water. Then, he told us to imagine taking all of the light that a redwood tree takes in during a day, and focusing it onto a seed as well. It'd be destroyed! Basically, we learned that we needed to stop trying to drink 500 gallons of water a day, haha. Because, "The Lord expects progression, not perfection." If we know more Spanish on one day than we knew the day before, the Lord is pleased. :) We all really needed that.
Also, I've been told that you can't find this talk online, but Elder Bednar's talk "The Character of Christ," is incredible. They show a recording of the time he gave it at the MTC here every Sunday night. I miiiight just go watch it every week I'm here, haha.
Oh! I ran into some Elders heading to Thailand yesterday! They stopped our trio and asked if they could share a message. It was so awesome!! The Elder sharing his testimony sounded so good. I may not know ANYTHING about that language, but I know that he was making the same sounds that Mike does when he shares his testimony in Thai (haha), and I told him that it sounded exactly like what I was hearing while we were over there. That was a fun tender mercy.
Another funny story real quick: I had accidently left some of my workout clothes in the shower the other day, and I randomly found my nice workout pants in the giveaway box! I was really glad to have gotten them back. However, a couple of days ago, I was walking through our residence hall, and the girl in front of me had on a familiar Youth Conference shirt. I was racking my brain to figure out if I knew her, if she was from Florida, and as soon as I got into my room, I realized that it was my shirt, haha. Oops. Good thing it was a tshirt I got for free! I'm definitely going to be more careful about that from now on.
I'm about out of time, and it sounds like everyone's having trouble uploading pics, so I'm going to try to get on that a little early.
I love you all so much! If you can send DearElders telling me how you're doing, that'd be awesome, because I have unlimited time to read those, and limited time on the computer :)
Love you, love you, love you!
The Church is so true :)
Hermana Grover
PS - remember how you told me to take time to smell the roses in life on my mission? Mission accomplished ;)